Friday, February 24, 2012

Forced to Be a Woman

To please my wife, I went to a company (hers) Halloween Party dressed as a woman. I was shaved, smooth, wearing stockings, heels, a tight, short, silver dress with large rubber (very life like) breasts and a padded bottom. My make up was heavy and perfect and.. my wife was dressed just the same. To top it, we both wore blue 'Prince Valiant' blue wigs, a la Katy Perry. We looked almost identical and unless told, no one imaged me anything other than a woman. It was a classy party at the boss's very nice house and everyone went all out on their costumes. My wife deserted me early on to get 'face time' with her bosses and I was left to fend off guy's hitting on me all night. When they found out that I was not, 'real', some reacted well, some did not. A few were..very aggressively. I spent alot of time hiding and drinking. The party 'proper' ended at ten and I assumed that we would be going home, but instead, much to my displeasure, we went to an, 'after party' at a VP's house. Most everyone changed into 'regular' clothes, but I had none. My wife took off her wig but, I would look even more ridiculous without my blue wig. At the VP party, they all knew who I was and that I was a guy and I was often stared at, leered at and often propositioned and I was often uncomfortable but my wife turned a deaf ear to my complaints as this was her 'best time ever' (with top management at her company). I drank too much and eventually wandered very drunk into a dark, empty bedroom where I basically passed out. Hours later, it was pitch black in the bedroom, andI woke up, hearing laughter and feeling someone on the bed with me. Though it did not sound like my wife, I just assumed that it was her and I called out her name. But before I really finished speaking, I felt strong hands, men's hands, holding me down and some guy leaned over me shoving his hard cock into my mouth. I really had no idea what it was or what was going on and I panicked thinking someone was trying to choke me. But gradually,I got to my senses enough, to realize the most horrible, unthinkable thing had happened and some guy had stuck his thick hard penis into my mouth and was shoving it in and out, crammming it against the back of my throat. I thought I was going to suffocate, that I was going to die from a cock shoved into my throat. Vaguely I was aware that the other guys were laughing and then I also heard a woman, then no, two, or more, also laughing. the room must be full of people watching some guy fuck my face.I dont know how long this struggle went on, ten, fifteen minutes and while the party went on all around me and in my mouth, I was just desperately trying to breath. then the guy orgasmed in my mouth. Warm, sticky, very disgusting. Fortunately, his penis shrunk quickly and it disappeared fast from my mouth leaving me to try to swallow (so that I could breath), struggle to get up, breath and call for help (from my wife). I coughed and swallowed and sucked in air and finally was yelling for help, and my wife, when another cock was shoved into my mouth and the process started all over.